Deep Eddy

Need to knows:

Stroller or sling? Recommended sling

Baby friendly restrooms? Yes – family restroom just inside entrance

Parking validation? No need — free parking lot out front

If you haven’t been to Deep Eddy, do you even live in Austin? Kidding of course, but it is an Austin institution. It’s apparently the oldest swimming pool in all of Texas. It was originally just a hole where people swam in the Colorado River, but then cold springs rose up with a boulder to form a lovely little eddy. It was built into a pool in 1915 and privately owned for the next 20 years until the city bought it in 1935. It used to be pay to play, but as of March 2021 it’s now free to enter. And that concludes today’s history lesson.

Deep Eddy Pool

The pool is very large, and it has several lap lanes as well as a very roomy shallow end for kids. The water is always 65-75 degrees, so it’s warmer than Barton Springs and a lot more tolerable if you want to gradually introduce your baby to pools. It’s surrounded by grass and a number of shady trees, so it’s really the perfect spot to park your bougie self and that baby. Both of mine have their very best naps under the trees at Deep Eddy. I’m not sure what that place does to them, but I’m into it.

Stairs leading to the pool

When you visit, make sure to leave the stroller in the car. There are dozens of stairs that lead down to the pool, and it would be a treacherous descent with a stroller. It’s also a good idea to try and get there when they open (hours here) to ensure you get a parking spot, although I believe there’s another lot for overspill when it’s very busy. To be Covid safe, I’d definitely suggest trying to get there when they open. Also on the subject of Covid, masks are required to enter and when you’re walking around (but not in the pool or when you’re sitting or laying around the pool).

Nap spot

There’s no food allowed once you get down to the pool, but there are picnic tables up top to eat before you swim. There’s also an Italian ice cart just inside the entrance, but you aren’t allowed to take it down to the pool. You can, of course, feed the baby anywhere as long as it’s just milk. And, if it’s your thing, ladies can be topless in the pool (and any Austin pools, apparently).

Deep Eddy

The changing facilities are great at Deep Eddy, because there’s a family restroom where you can go and dump all of your 9,000 bags you suddenly need when you have a baby. There is a changing table and a large bench just inside, as well as a toilet for you. There are no toilets downstairs at the pool, so I definitely suggest going when you arrive since schlepping your 9,000 bags back up those stairs will be unpleasant. Best to save that for when you leave.

Make sure and make it out to Deep Eddy! It’s open at least until Labor Day.

Beautiful Deep Eddy

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