Vic & Al’s

Need to knows:

Stroller or sling? Stroller

Baby friendly restrooms? Yes!

Parking validation? No need — free parking lot around the back

We stumbled upon Vic & Al’s while trying to go to Dai Due for lunch. Dai Due has an excellent garden terrace and phenomenal pâté, making them a certain bougie fave. Sadly, their lunch business dried up so they stopped serving it, thanks to the ever soul destroying villain known as Covid-19. We vow not to romanticize living through the plague.

Luckily, Vic & Al’s is right around the corner, and they are a gem of a business. They serve up cajun/creole style food, so if you like New Orleans fare then this is an absolute treat. The food has that down and dirty feel — think open faced saucy po’boy sandwiches and salads that embrace cheese — but the options are limited. The lunch menu has maybe 10 choices, so if you are a picky eater, then this may not be your jam — for lunch, at least. Maybe check it out for cocktails. They have a strong cocktail game and a bunch of non-alcoholic options if you’re breastfeeding.

The ambience at Vic & Al’s feels posh. There’s multiple chandeliers and potted plants which really speak to your bougie sensibilities. If you can, sit inside. It was empty mid-week and if there was music playing, we didn’t even notice. It would be perfect for fussy babies or those who struggle to nap with too much stimulation.

A bit creepy that I redacted the baby but check out the ambience!

They also have outdoor seating with multiple large fans for ultimate Covid safety and comfort. If you’re worried about your baby having a meltdown, then outdoors is a safe bet.

They have single restrooms equipped with a changing table, so it’s very baby friendly. It’s also easy to push your stroller between tables. If it was a bit busier, then I can imagine it would be tight between the picnic tables only, but there is a clear path to the restrooms regardless. No need to ask people to move and/or huff and puff under your breath as you try and navigate tightly assembled tables. You will be able to push swiftly between tables to the restroom in back.

Prices are fair and food is tasty — again, assuming you’re not picky — making it a perfect baby friendly/bougie parent option. Check out their website for more info.

The blackened catfish po’boy and salad – half and half lunch option

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