JOI Asian Bistro

Need to knows:

Stroller or sling? Stroller

Baby friendly restrooms? Yes!

Parking validation? No need — lots of free parking at the Domain

Every bougie parent enjoys the odd trip to The Domain, but come lunchtime it can be overwhelming if the baby is in tow. You’re spoiled for choice, but so much of that choice is overcrowded, too loud, sans ambience, or just grab and go. I find places like Velvet Taco — while very tasty — to be out of the question with a ticking time bomb AKA your bundle of joy. Why would you want to wait in line for several minutes and then jostle past loud teenagers when your baby could have a meltdown at any moment? You wouldn’t, unless you didn’t know any better.

JOI Asian Bistro is better. It’s a gem among…coal I guess? From the serene indoor patio to the darker, moodier interior, to the very Covid-safe outdoor patio, JOI has it all. Their menu is very extensive and inventive and features a wide array of Pan-Asian street food. They also have nice touches, like their beautiful ceramic plates, that’ll make your bougie heart sing:

Asian romaine salad – look at that beautiful plate! perfect bougie touch

I recommend parking in the Nordstrom’s garage, because it’s easy to find a space on the first floor (except maybe on a Saturday) you’ll keep the car cool and shaded —crucial when it’s hot out — and it’s a maybe 5 minute walk to JOI.

JOI is stroller friendly. It’s street level and a large enough space that you won’t be taking precious real estate if you have a larger stroller. That said, the tables are slightly close together ,so there will be some maneuvering to wedge yourself in there. I recommend sitting in the indoor patio if you can, although there will be music playing and it could be on the louder side. Outdoors is a safer bet for babies more sensitive to stimulation, but there is no shade or fans out there. It may not be the best bet in the Summer.

lobster tacos + that ceramic plate!

Their restroom is a one seater and there’s a changing table, and it’s right back by the sushi bar. It’s clean and calm back there, so it’s very friendly for fussier babies.

The menu is great — they have sushi, dumplings, ramen, and a couple of American fusion dishes like the chicken truffle dumplings and the lobster tacos (delicious). Portions are small, so you likely need 2-4 dishes per person to be satisfied, and prices are on the higher side. Service is good and you’ll feel fancy eating there, so I think they justify that higher price tag.

It’s a baby/bougie parent winner. Check out their website for more info.

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I was raised in Florida, adultified in New York City, Eurofied in London and Ireland, and most recently Texafied in Austin! Check out my recs on the best baby spots for bougie parents in Austin, TX.

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