Need to knows:

Stroller or sling? Recommended stroller

Baby friendly restrooms? Yes – changing table in the family restroom

Parking validation? No need — free parking lot out front

Labor Day is meant to signify the end of summer, but Austin never gets that memo. It’ll stay comfortably in the high 80s/low 90s at least through September, yet most of the public pools will have closed for the season. How do you entertain a baby and still scratch that bougie itch in this climate?!

Have no fear y’all — Wonderspaces is here. This art exhibit space is a great option to bring the baby. It’s dark, air conditioned, comfortably spread out (read: Covid safe), relatively quiet, and it has great changing facilities along with multiple places to breastfeed if you’re in that game. Also there’s cool interactive ever-rotating exhibits to entertain you, the baby, and even older kids. And they have cocktails! Honestly the only way it could improve is if they start serving charcuterie in their little cafe.

The exhibit that’s directly across from the bar and cafe

The exhibit is in a nondescript building that could easily pass for a corporate business park. The parking lot is large and stress-free, and they are located on the ground floor. During Covid times you will need to book online before you go (I’ll link below) and then sign a waiver at the door, and adult tickets are $24. Kids under 3 are free, and it’s $15 for ages 3-12. Masks are required for unvaccinated folks and kids over the age of 2, but it’s very easy to social distance inside.

Once inside there are currently 13 interactive exhibits split between two floors. The space is huge — 28,000 sq feet! — so it’s easy to stroll away if the baby has a meltdown at any point. It’s also more laid back than a typical museum, so you can also have a fussy baby there without fear of judgemental staff or patrons.

One of the exhibits on the second floor

There’s a lift to go upstairs — not an elevator but a traditional lift where you press and hold the up or down button all the way — you guessed it — up or down. The staff is very helpful and will take you there if you can’t find it.

There are regular (non-family) restrooms, but if you have the baby definitely go to the family restroom as it’s the only one with a changing table. You can actually lock the main door even though there’s two urinals and two stalls in there — a nice touch if you’re either a newer (stressed out) parent, or if you just need a moment to breathe and focus without having to navigate strangers.

Wonderspaces is a winner! Book tickets on their website here.

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I was raised in Florida, adultified in New York City, Eurofied in London and Ireland, and most recently Texafied in Austin! Check out my recs on the best baby spots for bougie parents in Austin, TX.

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