Little Deli

Need to knows:

Stroller or sling? Stroller

Baby friendly restrooms? No sadly

Parking validation? No need — big parking lot

If you’ve ever felt the urge to wax poetic about a deli, then you might be bougie. Allow me to demonstrate.

There are a handful of New York/New Jersey-style delis in Austin, but Little Deli is a king among peasants.

Little Deli in Crestview

This deli/pizzeria has been doing its thing for nearly 30 years. The original location is in Crestview but they recently opened another in Windsor Park, if only to show other delis how it’s done. They serve classic Italian fare — thin crust pizzas, calzones, hot and cold sandwiches like muffuletta — along with Jewish deli faves like reubens, pastrami on rye, and egg salad sandwiches. They also have a number of desserts including the very bougie black & white cookie. Everything is delicious and evokes that simpler time when you lived on a mattress on the ground and shared a studio with a complete stranger just to live in the middle of Manhattan.

The Crestview location has an excellent outdoor setup, which makes them an ideal spot for Covid times.

Pizza pagoda

Parking is easy, since they’re in the Crestview shopping center and have a large free parking lot out front. They’re also ground level, so definitely bring the stroller.

You order at the counter and they bring the food out to you within a few minutes. Service is great and cheerful, and they’re a lot more patient and helpful compared with a busy NY deli.

Half house salad and half reuben

There’s just a handful of tables inside, and it wouldn’t be ideal to sit in there with the baby even in the sleekest stroller. It’s tiny in there.

The outside space is perfect for you and that baby, though. They have a handful of picnic benches on the sidewalk completely in the shade, and then there’s six more picnic tables in the sun. They do have a large tree close to the lot that provides some shade, and then there’s the pizza pagoda which is entirely shaded. They don’t have fans or misters, so on very sunny days we recommend snagging one of the benches on the sidewalk or making a beeline for the pizza pagoda.

Outdoor setup

Their prices are very reasonable — you can do a half sandwich and small salad for about $10 before tax. You should definitely get a cookie, though, especially one of those gooey chewy chocolate cookies if they have them. Delicious.

chewy chocolate cookie!

The only downside is they don’t have any changing table in the restroom, so plan accordingly.

All in all, it’s a great bougie find. Check out their website for more info.

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I was raised in Florida, adultified in New York City, Eurofied in London and Ireland, and most recently Texafied in Austin! Check out my recs on the best baby spots for bougie parents in Austin, TX.

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