Nervous Charlie’s

Need to knows:

Stroller or sling? Stroller

Baby friendly restrooms? Yes

Parking validation? No need — big parking lot

New Yorkers know how to make a lot of things. Skyscrapers. Live theater. Thin crust pizza. And bagels. Their bagels are the best in the world, and if you ask any local why their pizza and bagels just taste better, they’ll say the same thing — the water.

Nervous Charlie’s is a great little bagel spot owned by a couple who wanted to bring New York style bagels to Austin. So, naturally, they import their dough in from the city. I’m not sure anywhere else in this city has the sheer variety of bagels (15!) and cream cheese (12!) as they do, and they have quick, friendly service to boot.

They have a great little outdoor patio that’s covered by a couple of sails, so there is some shade (although not much if it’s lunchtime), There’s a handful of tables inside also, and both are easily accessible with the stroller. The only downside is it’s near South Lamar, so you will have some street noise while you eat. Small price to pay for a Covid safe spot, though.

outdoor seating

They have two one-seater restrooms, and one has a changing table. Everything is very clean and they don’t have music playing, so it’s a nice calm atmosphere for even the fussiest of babies.

The menu is extensive and there’s something for everyone. They have breakfast bagels and an array of lunch options, and you can always choose your bagel and, if it pertains to your choice, your cream cheese. You order at a kiosk in front of the counter, and they bring it out to you. It’s a very slick setup when you’re with the baby.

The Longhorn

A favorite is definitely the Longhorn, which is one of their breakfast bagels. You can also order a baker’s dozen or a dozen bagels to go either online or in the restaurant. Their multigrain everything bagels are a staple in this house — definitely get some of those to go!

All in all it’s a great bougie find. Check out their website for more info.

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I was raised in Florida, adultified in New York City, Eurofied in London and Ireland, and most recently Texafied in Austin! Check out my recs on the best baby spots for bougie parents in Austin, TX.

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