Brentwood Social House

Need to knows:

Stroller or sling? Stroller

Baby friendly restrooms? Yes!

Parking validation? No need — big parking lot

Is there anything bougier than a coffee shop with a massage chair? Maybe a cocktail bar that sells kimonos. Ooohhh if that exists, sign us UP.

The former, however, definitely exists, and it’s called Brentwood Social House.

cute little mural on their wall

This coffee shop hosts a massage therapist on Wednesdays and Thursdays (link below to book online). It’s a chair massage, but you can book for up to 45 minutes if you’re so inclined and/or if your baby allows it. It’s such a treat if you’re in need of self care but don’t have childcare.

Front of Brentwood Social House

The atmosphere at Brentwood Social House is perfect for that baby. They’ve nailed the laid back vibe you’ve come to expect with a coffee shop with one notable exception — it’s not a grab and go type crowd. They have ample seating in front, on their back patio, and indoors, and there’s an unwritten rule that you’ll stay awhile.

Back patio

They have a large parking lot, so definitely bring that stroller. If you have older kids, then check out the back patio since they have a partially shaded playground. There’s also plenty of seating around the perimeter, and most is under shade.

If you do choose to sit inside, then you have the option to sit in their kids playroom, which has toys! We’re not sure we’ve ever seen that in a coffee shop, and it’s appreciated.

There’s a changing station in the restroom, which is just past the playroom. Everything is clean and easy to navigate since it’s a straight shot past the counter.

matcha latte with oat milk

This coffee shop offers an array of coffees and teas that you’ve come to expect, and they also have snacks and treats with a British/pan-European flair — pot pies, quiches, and Bakewell tarts, to name a few. You order at the counter and they bring it over to you when it’s ready, which is particularly handy with a baby.

chicken pie – looks better than it tastes tbh

Honestly, we’ve tried a few things and the food is only average. Their chicken pot pie is just ground chicken — no vegetables or even notable spices. Don’t expect the Bakewell tart to be authentic if you know what it’s meant to taste like. They sell Stroopwafels, though, and those never disappoint. If you have a bougie palate then those may be your best bet if you need a nosh with your coffee.

All in all, it’s a great experience and as baby friendly as it gets. Check out this site to book your chair massage and their website for more info.

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I was raised in Florida, adultified in New York City, Eurofied in London and Ireland, and most recently Texafied in Austin! Check out my recs on the best baby spots for bougie parents in Austin, TX.

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