Violet Crown – Baby’s Day Out

Need to knows:

Stroller or sling? Recommended sling

Baby friendly restrooms? Yes

Parking validation? Yes – up to 4 hours 

Have y’all ever heard of baby cinema? It’s a pretty big deal in other countries like England, Ireland, and Australia, but I’m not sure it’s that well known (or practiced) in America.

Baby cinema is amazing. If you’re not familiar, it’s when movie theaters dedicate a quieter day and time of the week to show regular adult movies (not adult *films,* ya perv. I mean the opposite of kids’ movies) in baby friendly settings. Meaning, the lights are turned up, sound is turned down, and there are other breeders there so you don’t feel awkward if your baby has a meltdown mid-film.

Anyways, they have these at Violet Crown! This theater is known for hosting art house/independent movies, and it’s a gem of a business on West 2nd Street. They have an excellent array of snacks, cocktails (if you’re so inclined), and actual meals. They also have baby cinema every Tuesday at 2 pm.

Tickets for Baby’s Day Out movies are $11, and you need to buy online and choose your seat before you go. If you park in the garage that’s attached to the cinema (access via San Antonio Street between 2nd and 3rd) they validate parking. Make sure and bring your ticket in with you, and they validate for up to 4 hours,

Violet Crown is on the second floor, but there’s a quick elevator which makes bringing your stroller super easy…at first. Once inside the theater, it’s tricky because they don’t have any ramps, so be prepared to haul it up stairs and probably swear under your breath as you try not to knock into every non-retractable cupholder on the way to your seat. If that doesn’t interest you, I’d recommend either booking the first row or baby wearing instead.

Anyways, we had a great time and I’ll definitely be coming back particularly on super hot and/or rainy Tuesdays.

Violet Crown on Baby's Day Out! Something tells me this isn't very well known ;)

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